Friday, February 17, 2012

warmed up the CAO

The long weekend was finally here... We were all looking forward to a bit of R & R.

The Horvatins arrived my place around the planned time. They were all impressed that I had everything packed in two carry-ons. It was thanks to them actually. For loaning a very large internal framed trail pack. I told Tony to leave the battery charger in the foyer; we'd fetch that on Monday.

Trevor took the wheel with me in the shotgun seat. In short order, we arrived at the Tim's on Mayfield for our rendezvous with Millie and Dietmar. They had been waiting a bit. The Horvatins and I squeezed in some breakfast and lunch. I gave Dietmar a GMRS radio. And we were on our way.

North of Shelburne, with more frequent white-outs and blowing snow, Tony suggested the alternate route, through south-west Collingwood. Dietmar thought it unnecessary. Certainly, the rest of the trip was uneventful. And then we were past Banks and found our parking spots.

There was more snow here than in the city. Still, it was an easy hike in even without snowshoes.

Tony, Dietmar, and I reviewed the upgraded alarm panel for the CAO. Happily, the operation was the same. I was very pleased that it was not covered in crazy bright blue LEDs. We cranked the furnace and turned on the water. And settled in.

I delivered the official NAD receiver remote control from Charles, loaded it AAA batteries, and made sure it responded. I also delivered a pair of plastic wheel casters for the Shopvac in the GBO.

The sky was looking rather good. I kept an eye on the conditions. Maybe we'd get lucky tonight... In anticipation, I unlocked the observatory.

While there I installed the new Kendrick dew heaters I had brought up during New Year's. We had just enough room in the Premium controller! I had forgotten that the Telrad had its own small heater. I rearranged things a little:
  1. C14 heater
  2. TV 101 heater (new)
  3. eyepiece heater A (new)
  4. eyepiece heater B (new)
  5. Telrad heater
  6. Telrad power
Good to go. No more fogged eyepieces!

It was good to be back...

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