Sunday, February 26, 2012

client facing address

Manuel wanted to share his Mars photo from last night with RASC Toronto Centre. He had uploaded the photo to his personal photo album site at He right-click on the image. He copied the URL. He pasted that in an email. And he posted to the group. But he didn't realise he had done it while logged into his administrative profile. So he was sending a URL that would only work for registered members. Someone must have reported back to him that it didn't work. So he tried 2 or 3 more time but just kept sending the same link. Finally, I emailed him privately and told him he needed to log out and hit his photo album from the outside, from the client facing side. He replied (to the group no less) and told me it wasn't working. And that he wondered if he would have to get rid of his account. Oh boy. I immediately phoned him and explained the situation. And ordered him to get out pen and pencil. I gave him the outside URL and told him that's what he must use in the future. Particularly if he wanted to share with everyone and anyone. I explained that using the Yahoo!Groups or Facebook meant he was automatically limiting his audience. I think it finally dawned on him.

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