Sunday, February 26, 2012

features imaged and sketched

Patrick said, on the RASC Toronto Centre Yahoo!Group listserv, that he said been sketching Mars at the same time that Manuel and I were imaging it. He wanted to if we could identify the features. He went on to say, "I have trouble with the S&T projection versus a standard hemisphere one, and I am always getting the features mixed up."

I fired up SkyTools 3...
  • In the photo, east is to the left and north is up.
  • Mare Acidalium and Niliacus Lacus are the dark regions under the polar cap, on the left. The light orange area, on the left, at the equator is Chryse. The darker region bottom left is Margaritifer Sinus and Aurorae Sinus.
  • The thin dark band at the equator going to the right edge is Sinus Meridiani and Sinus Sabaeus.
  • On the right limb it is very light. Dust storm perhaps?

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