Saturday, December 31, 2011

relaxing finish

Did a few things at the CAO... Otherwise took it easy.
  • delivered the new Kendrick dew heaters (for Tele Vue 101 objective and the 2" eyepieces on both the TV101 and the Celestron 14")
  • delivered the foam for the new MallinCam case (but didn't cut it)
  • took more hot chocolate (for my personal stash!)
  • replaced the batteries in the Davis weather station console*
  • reset the min/max history in the Davis console (good timing, on the beginning of the new year)
  • verified the weather data was getting to the web site
  • remembered to retrieve the keys from Zbig
  • surveyed the property
  • updated our property diagrams
  • verified the generator exercise routine
  • discussed relocating the CAO computer server
  • sent Tony the link to the IT survey
  • sent updates to Dietmar
  • finally beat Trevor at backgammon
  • chilled the bubbly
* When Trevor and I swapped out the C batteries from the Davis console, we tried to reset the unit. After a few attempts, I finally figured out / remembered how to do it. RTFM! One needs to hold the DONE button when finished the setup... Duh.

Pretty lazy. For me anyway. Tony was a busy-bee.

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