Tuesday, December 06, 2011

the first 2012 SkyNews

The Jan/Feb issue of SkyNews showed up.

I immediately jumped to page 33. Yep! There it was. Manuel's cool image of Jupiter, with a moon shadow exactly over top the Great Red Spot.

Way to go, buddy!

I was also looking forward to this issue so to begin some planning for the new year...

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SciDomer said...

After I checked Manuel's photo, I went to look it up with Starry Night. But because Jupiter is not a solid body, the GRS migrates, and Starry Night had plotted it at 134 degrees instead of 173, which is the value offered by the Sky and Tel website.

Wait, it gets better. Starry Night offers the ability to change the position of the GRS in an easily accessible textfile, so I was able to make the change and accurately repeat Manuel's photo circumstances.