Wednesday, December 07, 2011

busy night

Lots of other matters tended to, this evening, during and after the RASC meeting.
  • Gave the MODL 4 leases to Tony, to give to Tony...
  • Shared the ISS-Moon crossing event (on Dec 10) with the crowd after Brenda's The Sky This Month presentation. To which there seemed to be some interest...
  • Facilitated a quick stand-up meeting (the best kind) with Ralph and Phil, so to hand over the membership database management.
  • Submitted a current systems and passwords document to Ralph.
  • Asked Gilles to prepare a systems and passwords document for backup emergency purposes.
  • Retrieved my CLA 3-way splitter from Tony's vehicle (from the last CAO trip).
  • Helped Mickey get on the Yahoo!Group with Paul's iPad.
  • Review the StarMap app on Ralph's smart phone. Not bad for 10 cents.
  • Connected with Bruce from Boston via Facebook.
  • Reviewed the new loaner telescope warning stickers with Ralph.
  • Asked Scott if he required any changes to be made to the ECR.


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