Monday, June 20, 2011

why Skype?

Laila sent a message about a week ago to a small group saying she and Ralph wanted to have periodic meetings. The people involved are affect by some of the strategic planning, marketing, and promotion efforts. And, of course, this involves logo redesign and web site redesign.

Super. More meetings.

She went on to say that they wanted everyone to use Skype. I thought that a little odd when, if we weren't going to meet up face-to-face, we could pick up the telephone. Remember the phone?! They also alluded to more intimate meetings, using video. I pushed back a little. And was a little amused when Laila herself said her video equipment doesn't work with Skype.

I asked Ralph if we had Skype Premium (or Manager), so to support group video conferences. And then was a little amused again when he said, "No, should we get it?"

It gelled for me, finally. Council uses Skype only when members are out of town and want free long distance during a telephone call. They're not using video. They're not going to share desktops. These new meetings will likely be with all parties in the GTA. OK, maybe Ralph might connect from K-W.

I don't see a compelling reason to use it (at this time). Good. I don't need to load up more software. And I don't wanna have to tolerate all the technical issues they haven't considered yet.

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