Sunday, June 19, 2011

first stacking

Played with DeepSkyStacker briefly. Went back to my old Orion constellation photo(s) from October 2009, made with the little FujiFilm J20 point-n-shoot, on a tripod!

Tonight, I shot a dark frame (in the bathroom). In the same mode, Fireworks, at the same exposure time, 8 seconds.

I tried shooting a flat frame with a piece of paper under the Tizo lamp. But when I included it, I got some very weird results. So I skipped it, for now.

I changed the RGB levels slightly, bringing the bright levels down about 10 or 15%, with all 3 linked, and the centre up (right) about 5%. I set the saturation to 20%. With the luminance settings, I used darkness 0° and 90, midtone 10° and 24, and finally highlight 0° and 55.

It's pretty cool! With only 2 light frames! JPEGs!

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