Saturday, June 04, 2011

helped a little

The MODL preparations were behind schedule. The incredible wet weather, lack of warming Sun, Open House activities, prevented us from getting a jump on the foundation work for the My Own Dome Lots at the Carr Astronomical Observatory.

Tony had intended to begin excavation last weekend, before and around the OHAP, but cancelled the equipment rentals to this weekend. We would finally break ground. This was not an ideal weekend for Phil and I—we had the Becel Ride for Heart scheduled on Sunday. And we both wanted to be back in the city at a reasonable time on Saturday evening to get a good night's sleep.

We prepared the 1¼" and 1" PVC conduit in the morning while it rained lightly.

As it started to dry out at the CAO, I repaired the riding mower, installing the new wheel and tire, and then proceeded to cut the (still wet) lawn in the work areas. I cut around the staked out lots for the MODLs, a path from the GBO to the MODL services posts, around the GBO, and around the BAO deck. Left the rest for someone else to cut.

Meanwhile, Charles, Tony, Cliff, Tim, Kiron, and Phil worked on trenching and excavating. Even new super Steve lent a helping hand.

Dietmar (just back from Germany) popped up for a bit. Sharmin, Grace, Elaine, Lora, and Jean kept an eye on us. Oh, and Skeena too, of course.

Then it was time for Phil and me to go...

It felt weird leaving in the middle of a Saturday. Couldn't shake the feeling.

I remembered, on this trip, to bring up a wooden sprung clothespin. I used it to balance the ceiling fan in the dining room. Once I found the sweet spot, I marked it. Silky smooth now.

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