Saturday, June 18, 2011

empirical weather

I really enjoyed Stuart's presentation on clear sky trends. Fantastic information, presented well. He was worried it might be boring! Ha!

I rejigged his data a little to make the chart run from noon to noon. And I tuned the 3D surface graph colours to follow the Clear Sky Chart styles...

Watch that time scale, as it runs from right-to-left.


Adjusted the graph again...

Time flows left-to-right now.


Stuart McNair said...

Well done Blake. It's funny how the mind wants time to run from left to right. I guess that's not easily done in the graph?
Stu McNair

Anonymous said...

The graph really shows that for all our whining we get the most fequent occurrence of clear skies overnight and during the summer months. Of course the nights are short, the twilight long, and... ooops.