Sunday, June 26, 2011

finally the Sun (Blue Mountains)

Of course, it was a mini work party at the CAO, so it was crappy and windy and rainy Friday night and all day Saturday. And Sunday, when we all have to leave, it cleared up.

Still, I wasn't going to leave without using the telescope. I was bound and determined. It also gave us a chance to test Tim. And, lastly, it would gave Alex a chance to do some actual astronomical observing!

We bolted up the SolarMax Hydrogen-alpha filters to the Tele Vue 101, cracked open the roof, and target our star. And it did not disappoint!

There were many flares, and little arcs, along the perimeter, scores of long filaments in the foreground, along with other mottling. We walked up through the entire Coronado eyepiece kit and then used the 10mm and 5mm to zoom in closer and closer. Fantastic stuff. Nothing in white light. No sunspots.

It was awesome!

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