Sunday, June 26, 2011

more conduit

Helped, once again, on the MODL project.

Hitched a ride with Grace and Tony to the Carr Astronomical Observatory on Friday. We were joined by Dietmar, Alex, Tim, Lora, Phil, and Skeena.

On Saturday, we worked on the new power and data conduit paths inside the Geoff Brown Observatory, punching through the south wall. Once connected, we buried the conduit near the GBO and toward the Bob Anderson Observatory dome. On Sunday, we cut some of the patio stones to fit around the pier. We put bumpers near the junction boxes.

The grass was crazy tall! 18 inches in some places. It took 2 days to cut the lawn. Dietmar, Tony, and Tim took turns.

Dietmar, Tony, and I coached and trained Cliff and Tim on CAO and GBO procedures. Cliff, so he can feel more comfortable flying the 'scope when in da 'hood; Tim, to prepare him for supervising next year. Tim offered to help us with documentation for supervisors. Awesome!

Excellent meals by Grace. Yum!

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