Saturday, May 21, 2011

wifi flaky

Lora, while enjoying the June bugs, submitted an email to the CAO Complaint Department. Somehow, it landed in my inbox...
Wifi has been flaky (more so than my pie crusts) this weekend. Last night, I could not use my notebook/ITouch in the T@B, GBO, by the garage or at the picnic table by the BBQ - they would only work if I were inside the house. Almost hitched up the wagon to head home in the dark!

Today a bit better, I could use it inside the house, on the deck or at the picnic table. About an hour ago, I managed to get incoming emails while inside the T@B.

Jean was also having problems [with her Blackberry] - she left a comment for you in the guest book.

Phil has had no problem using his BB though at times he says the signal strength is weak. I'll have to get him to try out his netbook tomorrow in various locations.
Could it be the higher than normal density of blackflies and June bugs?!

I forwarded the message to Matthew.

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