Friday, May 27, 2011

pre OHAP

Travelled with Kiron again. We took Dunlop this time. It's a good route. Avoids a lot of lights. Low limit in a couple of sections; but overall it proved faster. Less stressful.

Did a few chores once at the RASC CAO.
  • Readied the OHAP schedule and received legal size paper sheets.
  • Prepared the red LED solar lights.
  • Printed the latest The Evening Sky Map for May. Kiron posted them around the grounds for me.
  • Inspected the generator. Green light, Ready to Run indicator. Despite a report that it did not run...
  • Made and posted "water is potable" and "use the BBQ" signs.
  • Made and posted a "this is a server" sign for the security and weather station computer.
  • Made little tent cards for the kitchen table: "do not slide chairs."
  • Returned cleaned towels and face cloths.
  • Cleaned the living room carpet (after the little terrors last year). Hopefully the same won't happen. Oh oh. Did I do this in the wrong sequence... Should I have planned to clean on Sunday?
  • Loaded and tested my presentation on Tony's computer. Loaded and tested videos.
  • Put out (and labelled) bottled water for the presenters.
  • Annotated the circuit breaker notes for the water heater vs. the water heater closet (baseboard) heater.
  • Printed an updated GBO roof motor circuit on legal size paper.
  • Returned the AVerMedia PCMCIA card and dongle to GBO.
I coddled together parts for the custom red LED solar lights. I had obtained a box of 10 new lights. The plastic lens is regularly being broken with our current crop. It was good to have a fresh set of batteries as well.

Tomorrow's the Big Day, the 2011 Open House and Awards Picnic... And I have to deliver a presentation.

Lots of people started showing up. I juggled accommodation. I was still subbing for Dietmar while he was overseas. Tom arrived, without guest Mike or brother Nick. Sharmin and Shawn arrived with Phil. Terry arrived. Grace, Trevor, and Tony arrived (with Ben). Brenda and Eric showed up. Jason made it, also without guest. The no-shows relieved some of the pressures squeezing everyone into the bedrooms.

The best part of the evening was the mac & cheese and wings dinner that Lora had made! Yum.

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