Monday, May 23, 2011

made presentation

Like a publishing editor to an author, Tony urged me to "write what you know..." For the Open House and Awards Picnic, he thought I should prepare a presentation based on my RASC Toronto Centre newsletter webspotting articles. Do a roundup. Feature the best of the best.

I complied. Unable to think of anything else. With time running out.

Reviewing my submitted articles from late 2007 to date, I assembled an outline. I built the slide presentation initially with OpenOffice but then using PowerPoint (2007), knowing that I'd have Tony's laptop at my disposal. Made a custom background.

I made a handout as well.

I also captured two videos, locally. I planned to show one, the very moving time-lapse of clouds and stars I had seen recently on APOD, as part of the edutainment keynote.

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