Friday, May 20, 2011

chatted with BST president

The president (and/or owner) of Bruce Street Technologies, Blair, said it was OK to call him anytime. I felt a little bad for bothering him outside normal business hours but he assured me it was not a problem. In fact, he was still working.

We had a good chat about their wireless internet services, new towers in Grey County, our sightlines from the CAO to their equipment, the infrastructure and speed of their equipment. I shared with him what we currently do and what we expect to do in the future. He seemed very amenable. He was not opposed to anything we were doing. In fact, he offered that they'd set up the appropriate ports for our remote access requirements. I was very pleased to learn that he had visited us during the last public open house.

He left me with a few questions. I made a note to re-read the rate sheet and contract. But I'm feeling better about them.

I'd still like to meet them face-to-face...

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