Saturday, November 14, 2009

loft workspace

After measuring the railings of Mom's deck (7½' x 11½') for lighting ideas, I returned to the loft to noddle on a table surface.

First I considered seating position, or rather, location, with respect to headroom. From a lawn chair, I tried different spots. Initially, I had considered facing to the side, into the slope. This idea went back to June, when I first considered a table in the loft. But the more I thought about it, this seemed prone to smacks and bumps and cuts. I turned toward the gable. In the south-west side (larger, which I didn't realise at first), as I looked to the gable, I could fit nicely in a nook, while avoiding hitting my head.

An L-shape desk emerged in my mind. This would offer an immense amount of space. Space for a computer, notes, books (although, I'd like to see shelves for storage), a beverage, and the large Tirion charts, of course.

In short order I was measuring and cutting and trimming and test fitting. It all came together rather nicely, I think.

The half-inch plywood Mom had offered that I could use was the perfect amount. The extra vertical 2x2s for the railing, while pressure-treated, served well for supports. Just the wall-roof edging, the way it was exposed, the railing, just the height of it, all worked perfectly for mounting the table. It's a bit hard to see but at the right edge I made an angle cut in the table top. This will hopefully prevent spearing.

Mom said that she has some material that we could use to cover the table top. That will be a nice touch.

Mom offered up the "shop" stool. She bought it some time ago and it had been collecting dust in her garage. It looked like it would work well, with caster wheels, and padded seat. I was very pleased to discover that it offers infinite adjustable height. Nice!

I collected Mom's astronomy books and Tirion charts. Scattered about various places, in the house, the garage; now all in one spot!

It's a nice view!

I really like how it is steps to the telescope. In the summer, it will be a real treat to keep all the paperwork, gear, computer, etc. out of the dew. In the winter, with the door closed, and the fireplace flickering in the background, it's going to be a warm retreat out of the wind.

I hung one 12-foot string of red LED lights in the rafters. I wondered if it would be enough light.

The light string plug is at the back of the desk on the left. This will be a good spot to place a power bar. Actually, I'll try to affix that in the ceiling so it will be easy to access.

Mom had bought a small area rug. I unrolled it. And I moved in my gear. Wow!

Just needs a few charts and some artwork now...

Could I say that the stars aligned? A bit gauche.

I can't wait to use it.

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