Friday, November 20, 2009

bought Tony dinner

I wanted some feedback on the "outhouse" observatory cover for Mom's telescope. I offered to buy Tony dinner. We turned it into a pleasant little outing at Mackenzie's with Grace joining us.

Atop the frame, I'm going to glue pink or blue insulation. Then I'll glue the siding atop the insulation. Then secure it with fasteners. There will be some moulding needed at the corners, well caulked to resist water.

We laboured over the door. Tony thought it best if it opened full, swung back against the wall, 270°. It looks like this will require hinges on the outside then... That would make the box taller too. This reminded me to check clearances between the railings... He also suggested that the door could be steel! Since a wood door will warp. Intriguing. I wonder how narrow you can get them.

We also discussed the wheels. Tony argued against rotating casters. He believes it will be more, not less, difficult to slide the box over the pier. He suggests fixed casters and you just line up perfectly.

This last item, combined with the door opening clearance issue, suggests that I'll have to put the door on the south side, skip the S-turn manoeuvre, and just push the box straight north. Hmm. I will have to consider this carefully.

It was a very successful meeting. It's got me thinking about lots of issues. Which promises fewer surprises.

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