Saturday, November 14, 2009

loft and deck inspection

I was primarily interested loft of the studio and testing the telescope on the new pier.

Mom's whole studio is fantastic! It's bright! The floor finish is beautiful. The stairs are nicely designed and do not seem to intrude. The inside painting looks very good. Ah, this is probably contributing to the bright feeling. It totally resembles an old cottage. She must be very happy.

Still in its box, I noticed the little electric heater was in the centre of the room. No doubt, we'd be setting that up soon.

I bounded upstairs to the loft and was struck with how different it looked with the door. I found the two latches and released them. Without a knob or handle, I tried to tug on the door by the frame and the latches. It was frozen with the paint. I pulled progressively harder and it finally swung open. I opened it as far as it would go. And it stopped, hitting the roof structure, at about 90 degrees. Ah, the deck...

Oh! The door. It's hung on the right! I wasn't expecting that. I had envisioned, back in June, that the table or "workstation" would be in the north-west corner. But with the hinge there, it would not permit leaving the door open, say during summer observing sessions... OK. Change of plans then. I considered relocating the table to the south-west corner. No reason why it wouldn't work there. I don't think.

Out on the deck, I was very pleasantly surprised. The pier (short concrete base and then hollow steel post) I had noted under the deck protruded through the floor. Between two planks there was a large perfectly circular hole. There was a generous 1" gap all around the pier. Nicely done, Rick.

Everything looked great. The whole studio is complete with stove, interior lighting, stairs, and painting. The loft is generous and easily accessible. The custom door works good!

The workstation area I will need to reconsider.

It was time to relocate the 'scope...

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