Friday, November 06, 2009

gadgets and widgets

During a recent (botched) teach of Windows Vista, I got kinda fired up about gadgets. There's no way in hell that I'll run Vista on any of my computers though. My primary interest was to have something live on the desktop, so to monitor weather, the Moon, and, ideally, the Clear Sky Charts.

Took a gander at Google's offering. I dunno. Didn't have a warm and fuzzy.

Then read about Yahoo's Widgets. It sounded good.

And in short order, I had an accurate Moon phase doohickey (Moon Phase II version 1.5 by Mark Crossley) in the Dock. Nice. I also found a good APOD widget (version 2.72 by Mr Crossley again). The NASA Exoplanet Quest is pretty cool! 403 so far!

Still searching for a CSC tool, like the one Brian Gibson wrote for Windoze.

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