Tuesday, October 20, 2020

started the doubles program

Today we rolled out the RASC Double Star Observing Program.


I uploaded the updated files, built the program web page, and added the relevant paragraph to the main observing page.

It's live. It's official.


It's kinda weird to see it there, for real, on the national site.

I have worked on this project for over 6 years. The project team web site I built back in October 2015. I hatched the idea some time before that. And joined the Observing Committee in 2014 as it was the right thing to do. That we were ready last year but the team had some concerns was tough. But it's a better product a year later.

Of course, I enjoyed visiting all of the candidate doubles. I'm not sure exactly the number but I probably personally evaluated 200 to 300 doubles (and multi-star systems) so to produce the final list of 110.

I am grateful for the support and contributions of many people across the country including Andy B, Michael B, Bill C, Frank D, Lucian G, Ed H, Katrina IL, Guy N, Millie R, Paul Ma, Stu M, Ted S, Chris V, and Ian W. 

If I remember correctly, it was with Stu that I first shared my idea and he ran it up the flagpole.

Lucian deserves special recognition for vetting many of the candidate doubles.

The current and past members of the national Observing Committee were tremendous, challenging me, pushing me, and cheering. I thank Blair S, Dale A, Chris B, Randy B, Dave C, Charles E, Melody H, Roger H, Bruce M, Murray P, Karol S, Jo V, Bill W, Alan W, and Vikki Z. 

Chris B was an early supporter. I thank him for accepting my proposal back in October 2013.

Dave has bolstered my spirits along the way.

I particularly want to thank Melody for enthusiastically embracing the program, asking great questions, the big questions like "Why are you doing this this way?" and "What does this mean?" Keeping me honest. I particularly enjoy when she shares her observations and sketches.

It's exciting. I hope a number of our members will pursue this.

It's immensely satisfying knowing that the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada will officially recognise double star observers.



Others supported this project at various stages: Randy A, Phil G, and Robyn F. My spirits were bolstered by many in the Toronto Centre including Ralph C, Rhonda G, Tom H, J.B., Peter V, Ward L, Tom O, Reza M, Steve M, and Phil C.

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