Friday, October 16, 2020

found red film

Scared myself (again). Thought I had lost the roll of red film.

I had had the Rosco 42 red film at the DDO so to replace the bit for the television connected to the 74-inch finder scope. I remembered packaging it up and putting it in one of my tote bags after the Mars Madness event. Of course, we hauled all our gear from the dome to the circle. That was where I got fuzzy. I don't recall touching it after that. Vague recollection of grabbing the roll and tossing it in the car. Was that going or leaving? Did it fall out of the bag onto the lawn to be discovered by a perplexing dog walker? I was saddened at the thought of having misplaced it...

Found it!

Behind my hallway door.

On a whim.

I had unpacked it from the car!

I was so sleepy that night, it didn't find it's way into short term memory.

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