Thursday, October 08, 2020

MallinCam hotline

Helped Denise, by remote, while she did testing at the David Dunlap Observatory.

9:15. PM. I pinged her. She was setting the sidereal time.

She asked if I was heading down. Ha! Funny.

10:09. She said she was having trouble getting the exposure right with the MallinCam Universe software.

She emailed a screen snap. Mars was blown out.

I phoned her.

Tried to explain the cruddy MCU software. She, like me, was tripped up by the bad interface design. 

But we got it sorted. She was happy. 

She saved video and streamed with Andrew. Andrew was happy.

I was happy. Two computers were set up with the MCU app. Two DDO 74 operators had successfully captured the Red Planet.

Ready for Mars Madness.

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