Sunday, May 31, 2020

scuppered by clouds

Back in the Geoff Brown Observatory....

Mid-day it really cleared up. Made me think it would be a rather good evening! I was feeling hopeful.

It was nearly perfect during the flyover too!

10:54 PM. Now big fluffy clouds everywhere.

Killed some time.

Checked the Clear Sky Chart. Looked a mishmash, like last night. Checked the Aviation web site, which was very misleading last night. Michigan state looked awesome. The CAO weather page said as of 10:53 PM, 10 min avg 6.4, wind direction (to the) ESE, speed 12.3, high 46.7, humidity 94, 10198 pressure, temp 6.3, wind chill 5.1. Brrr! Looked at the sky—not great. The Environment Canada thumbnails showed clouds. Clear Outside looked bad, after reloading. Fired up Good To Stargaze on the computer. It said it was good now. Liar. Also loaded it on the phone so to store the location. Forecast mode, all the future time slots were bad. Cloud, 18% or higher. Damn... Tonight looked to be a write-off.

11:20. Scary Bear Rhonda visited. I showed her my overexposed flyover shot.

I asked what movie she wanted to watch...

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