Tuesday, May 12, 2020

answered some YouTube questions

Andrew told me about a new question on my measuring double stars YouTube video.

from Lab Geek:
I’m in the Southern Hemisphere in Australia, I’m interested in observing double stars, I managed to piece together a spreadsheet from this presentation I’m wandering will the calculations differ between the Celestron and Meade astrometric eyepieces? Also does the Sidereal time factor change?
I replied:
Answer 1:  I think you might have to do some specific calculations for the eyepieces, yes.  That's for a couple of reasons. The Celestron (baader) and Meade are different focal lengths. Given the field of view are different sizes, you will get different drift times.  But the time you get will determine the scale for your eyepiece.  Also, the linear scales between the two are different, one has 50 units and the other has 60.  So, again, that may affect your spreadsheet.

Answer 2:  I do not think the sidereal time will be an issue.  You'll simply need your local sidereal time when logging your measurements.

Then I discovered I forgot to the article link! Sheesh.

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