Friday, May 29, 2020

made FNGC gallery

Just rolled out my Finest NGC image gallery.

It occurred to me to make a gallery specifically to show my images of the RASC Finest NGC objects. While these NGC images are shown in my main image gallery, they are not in any particular order or grouping. My FNGC gallery lists the 110+ deep sky objects the same way they are noted in the RASC Observer's Handbook.

Most of the images are shown in black and white, the luminance data often, occasionally hydrogen-alpha or ionised oxygen. 

As I assemble colour images, I will substitute the B&W shots. In other words, you might revisit from time to time to see the colour work show up... That said, don't hold your breath. It will take me a while.

It is fascinating to me to see all the celestial objects captured at the same scale!

Almost all images were captured with the Burke-Gaffney Observatory. The Sculptor Galaxy, NGC 253, was imaged with the Abbey Ridge Observatory. Both are in Halifax. These robotic telescopes are accessible via social media.

The only object I have not imaged is NGC 6520. It is too low in altitude for BGO. It might be accessible at ARO...

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