Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Binary Universe: good to go?

I received an email notification from the RASC national office. The new Journal was out!
cover of the Jun 2020 Journal of the RASC

The June 2020 edition has a number of interesting articles. There a piece on outdoor lighting. A member discusses his Herschel 400 observing project. There's an article on the recent kerfuffle over Betelgeuse. And a piece of using "classic" amateur telescopes. Lots of neat stuff to read.

In my Binary Universe column I talk about the Good To Stargaze products, the web site and the mobile app. I specifically downloaded the Android tool, version 2.2.26. The GTS products are handy in that they give a high level synopsis of sky conditions. Free access gives the evening forecast. A paid subscription shows the forecast for the next 7 days and allows favourite location profiles to be saved.

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