Monday, June 24, 2019

spaceflight night

On a tip from me, Rhonda recorded the Apollo 11 movie on CNN.

We watched it tonight. Fascinating. Amazing all the never-before-seen imagery. But also the quality! NASA used some high-quality capture methods (including 70mm film) but we were watching on our crummy black-and-white television sets. It was like seeing it for the first time. Very dramatic but interesting music too.

camera E8 during the Apollo 11 launch

I got goosebumps watching the Saturn V engines running.

We've kept it to watch again. Incredible stuff.

I pointed out many things (e.g. escape system, the LEM fuel tank before baffles, the legs made by a Qu├ębec company) and fielded many questions. And I learned stuff. For example, I never considered it before but the Apollo missions needed two pilots. Fun!

If you missed it, it is playing at the Cinesphere on Jun 29 and 30.

Check out the official web site for the movie.

Interesting commercials... The car company ad with Dr Shawna Pandya was particularly intriguing. I enjoyed her statement, that basically, "space is trying to kill you." We talked about the Samsung commercial. The company has been around a long time.

Then, funny timing, serendipitous, as we stopped the movie, I heard the City Pulse 24 news channel saying they were going to show live coverage of the expedition 58 (with David Saint-Jacques aboard) return to Earth in Kazakhstan. 204 days in space!

And then I remembered SpaceX is due to launch the Heavy...

Small planet.

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