Sunday, June 23, 2019

more pointing experience (Richmond Hill)

Volunteered at the David Dunlap Observatory last night. After asking Ron to be the ring leader, I oversaw operations in the dome and flew the 74-inch telescope. Lots of lessons learned over the evening like, it's fairly easy to tag a bright star in the daylight (8:30 PM) but it's difficult or impossible to centre on a globular cluster before astronomical twilight ends (11:30 PM). Under duress, we chose the lovely double star Izar.

I was assisted by Ron, Gary, Jack, and Chris in the dome. We had a great crew on the lawn, about a half-dozen amateur 'scopes. Geneviève and Tess managed registration and lead the tour groups. I am grateful for all the support. We put on a pretty good show for the families and kids. Not perfect. But overall good.

I did not crash the big 'scope into a pier. Yeh! I did not set anything on fire. Yeh! It sure is challenging pointing that thing. Chris and I made a bit more progress on the MallinCam. That should help a lot.

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