Saturday, June 22, 2019

quite lovely (Richmond Hill)

After my failed attempt to tag Messier 3 in the DDO 74-inch telescope, we moved to Izar aka ε (epsilon) Boötis.

While I had hoped to show a globular cluster, this double star was fantastic. A fine specimen, over 200 light-years away.

The antique eyepiece yielded a lovely view. At 2.9 seconds-of-arc separation, this would be challenging target for many amateur telescopes. It was easily split in the 30-metre focal-length 'scope. Yet, attractively close.

Slightly unequal in their brightness. Again, that makes for a good target and hopefully is intriguing to the spectator.

The colours were very nice too. A pale yellow primary. The secondary? First impression was pale blue. But at other times, I thought light green.

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