Tuesday, June 04, 2019

helped at DDO

Helped at the David Dunlap Observatory tonight. We received a local 4-H group of kids and their stewards. I think everyone had a great time despite the poor skies.

Ron and I arrived early and readied the dome. When Chris arrived we started working a few projects. We made excellent progress on the MallinCam system. I deployed one of the Linux boxes in the Warm Room. I also measured the Apparent Field of View of a few eyepieces.

Bryon entertained and informed the group in the lecture hall. Ron welcomed them to the dome. And I received the group on the observatory floor and offered them the grand reveal of the big 'scope. Fun kids. Great questions. Inspired, Ron pulled a Dobsonian out of storage so they could get a close-up look.

When someone asked me to explain why we could see both sides of a black hole at the same time, I grabbed my mini whiteboard and markers. Sadly, both my black dry erase markers had dried up. So... I drew a green hole!

For the first time I felt pretty settled. Finally.

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