Friday, January 19, 2018

stuck roof

Last night, it sure looked like it was clear over Halifax. I thought the BGO would start up...

The Clear Sky Chart showed a long run of dark blue in the afternoon. I received an email from the Clear Sky Alarm Clock system. The Twitter feed showed activity around dinner time. Sonoran Skies pulled a weather map. It showed clear at the moment. The 'bot reported it was "waiting for the sky to clear..." In anticipation, I updated my staging list in SkyTools 3 Pro on John Repeat Dance. But at 7:09 PM EST, still nothing.

Clear Outside forecast for Thursday night

Later, I double-checked the weather reports. Environment Canada said some clouds while Clear Outside showed good at midnight through to morning. But no email alerts arrived.

In the morning, Burke-Gaffney Obs tweeted
oh rats...the #human checked the logs and last night the dome froze in place again so my run failed to start. #human, do a better job this time pls!!!
Stoopid ice pellets.

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