Friday, January 26, 2018

SAO 87428 in colour

Assembled multi-star system SAO 87428, aka SLE 647, in colour using the LRGB data gather on 12 Sep '16.

multi-star SAO 87428 in full colour

Luminance 7x10, RGB 7x5 each. FITS Liberator, Photoshop CS2.

This image worked out really well. All the colour channels looked flat and smooth, without gradient. There did not seem to be major artefacts or problems. I used Arcsin(h) function on all, adjusted the black to the dip to zero, and adjusted the white to the end of the densest data. The green was slightly off but I boosted it in Ps.

Fantastic colourful field stars.

Minkowski's Footprint looks pink!

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