Sunday, January 14, 2018

identified ARA 752

Researched the pair to the west of U Sagittarii S imaged on 7 Aug '17. Tried to figure this out on 10 Dec '17 but ended up confused.

SkyTools calls this ARA 753 but that's incorrect. This pair is located at 18h31m29.2s by -19°05'12". ST3P says the pair magnitudes are 10.94 and 13.1. Again that doesn't seem right; the secondary star in the image looks brighter. The photo shows a position angle like 285. The separation is more than 5", maybe around 8 or so.

I searched the WDS around 183129.2 and -190512.

Found WDS 18315-1905 ARA 752. In 2010, the PA was 284 and the sep was 10.9. The quoted mags are 11.00 and 11.6. The precise location is 183129.22-190512.1.

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