Sunday, January 21, 2018

planets for 2018

With my custom Excel chart, pulling data from the US Naval Office, I made an astronomical almanac chart for 2018. Been a while since I published this.

almanac plot of planets for 2018

Some notable events:

Venus will spend much of the year in the evening sky hovering near maximum elongation for July, August, and September.

Mars will transition through midnight, and opposition, in the late summer, mid- to late-July.

Jupiter on the other hand will be near opposition in early-May.

Saturn will be highest in the evening sky in June and July.

Uranus and Neptune will be near opposition in September and August respectively.

Late February, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune will be close together at sunset.

In late March, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus will be in the evening sky.

Mercury will join Venus in June.

In October, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter will be together.

Mars and Saturn will be together at the March-April transition.

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