Tuesday, February 09, 2016

sorted BYE

Went to check something in Backyard EOS and I found it was in a simulated mode. Huh? Better correct that before I head into the field...

It showed a 450D was connected. Ah. OK. But how do I get rid of that? How did I set this? How do I connect to a real camera? Also noted I had version 3.0.3 running. Huh. There's a newer version...

Found Guylain's notes in an old email. Checked the CONFIG files on John Repeat Dance. Weird. I didn't see the simulator setting... Sorted the search results by type. Ho ho. Spotted three versions!

That explains it. I had launched the wrong version! Deleted the reference in the old XP Start menu. I had installed 3.1.4 previously... Looked deeper in the Start menu. There it is!

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