Monday, February 01, 2016

found the ISS!

After the big picture and video reshuffle, I had a closer look at the Backyard EOS movies from August 1. And notice something odd. That there were no notes of the video capture run to speak of. Had I forgotten to update the blog?

Then I watched the movie recorded for the second International Space Station flyover. If there was nothing on it, why would I keep it. Whoa, whoa. Back up! I spotted something. Late in the movie the ISS zipped through the frame! Checked the blog again. Nothing. Strange.

Looked in the voice recordings and found about two dozen files captured on said evening. And three of them were not marked as complete! I had reviewed all the except the ISS ones. What!

Checked the draft messages in blogger and found one half done! Gah.

So, consequently, I have updated the missing entries from the evening of 1 August 2015 at the CAO trying to capture the ISS.

It is super-fun finding something in the data that I didn't know was there!

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