Saturday, February 27, 2016

check my numbers

Posted on the SkyTools Yahoo!Group, looking to confirm my numbers for the BGO telescope and camera setup.

I built a new telescope for the PlaneWave Instruments CDK24. Aperture 610mm, focal len. 3962mm, f/6.5. I assumed I should use the reflector telescope type. I didn't know what I should use for the Left/Right and Up/Down settings. But then, I wondered if it would even matters when I'm just planning to do imaging?

I built a new camera for the Apogee CG16M CCD. Pixel size 9 microns, chip size 4096 x 4096, gain 1.27, read noise 9, dark signal 3, bits 16.


Greg replied. He asked me if there might be a focal reducer used. I'll have to check. He also said the camera specs showed 9.5 e- for the read noise. The QE numbers are correct (whew). "Looks like you are all set to go."

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