Saturday, February 13, 2016

hoped it would clear

Hoping for a break in the clouds and snow, I made up a plan. Reviewed my to-do list and checked the Sky & Tel Orion doubles list. Specifically, I wanted to address some items with missing data. For example:

beta Orionis: I had not logged information on the C and D stars. That said, it looked like the AC pair would be too tight...

The Trapezium: SkyTools 3 Pro showed 10 members in the group. I have seen A through F. But not G, H, a, or b.

sigma Orionis: A quintuple. But I had not logged B.

Struve 761: A quad. No entry for D.

32 Eridani: No notes for C.

beta Monocerotis: D not reported.

Sirius, alpha Canis Majoris: I had noted AB to view again and nothing for C.

Castor, alpha Geminorum: I have seen all the stars but I've not noted colours for C or D.

In CMa I had noted a faint double, at 55x, within M41. East of HD 49024. At a 45° angle to 49024. About the same separation. Wanted to confirm...

HD 79552: A quad. Various issues.

And, finally STF 1327, in Cancer. Needed to look again and capture good data. Or image.

And then I used some of the automated tools in the software...

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