Friday, June 20, 2014

repaired mower received

Sent a quick report to the CAO committee. Michael had returned with the ride-on mower. With new bits, including fuel cutoff, which we tested (by accident). The lads suggested I drive it off the trailer. I took it for a little toot. Stargrazer was up and running. Yes. Good timing. Grass was gettin' tall. Steve suggested we tackle in Saturday.

We wondered where the old blade got to...


I walked about the property, trying to retrace Tony's path. Emailed Katrina. Phoned Tim. Noticed a couple of odd things. The cutting down the east side of the lawn, where Tim had described Dietmar going. I also noticed a thin rectangular-shaped piece of yellowed grass. Like something had been lying there for a time. And then I spotted it! Sitting on the easterly picnic table: blade and nut! Damn.

Peter, Steve, and I would cut the lawn tomorrow during the day.

Joel would bring 'round spare parts on Saturday evening. Maintenance bits.

I photographed the new parts, new valve, and the dip stick.

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