Wednesday, June 11, 2014

cleaning tips

Answered some cleaning questions for Trevor. He was planning to use isopropanol and Q-tips for eyepieces. But he wondered about the objective lens. He sent some photos.

The SCT corrector was not bad at all. I suggested it just needed a dusting. Recommended gently cleaning with a puffer brush or a soft unused paint brush.

The finder scope was bad. Maybe it had some corrosion!? Perhaps the coatings were being eaten away at. But I reminded him that cleaning was optional since it was not the primary instrument.

I wondered if they were both dirty because they are not being covered and the 'scope is left pointing up. I suggested parking the 'scope nose slightly down. That's what we do at the CAO. He liked that idea.

I also strongly suggested finding the dust covers or caps and reinstalling them when the 'scope was not being used! If the dust covers were long gone, I said he could make some. He reported finding the large cover but was dismayed to learn it had been left off all winter.

Finally, I encouraged Trevor to put up signs or an instruction sheet!

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