Monday, June 02, 2014

brief bino viewing (Blue Mountains)

Sun 1 Jun 2014, 9:56 PM. Elaine and Tony played with the C14 and TV101. Learnin' the ropes.

Tony thought he found the moons of Mars. I dunno about that.

10:00 PM. They tried to image Mars. I helped a bit with the camera software. Exposure settings...

10:55. I viewed Messier 13 (M13) in the big binos. Nice.

11:13. Viewed ν (nu) 1 and 2 CrB. Hopped from ζ (zeta) Her. I found them to be widely separately in the Oberwerk. Still wide despite very low power. Orange stars. Equal brightness. [ed: Haas says grapefruit-orange, identical in colour. Webb says yellow.]

11:24. Viewed δ (delta) 2 and 1 in Lyr. δ2 is yellow; δ1 is white or white blue. They form an L-shape with HD 175538. δ2 is at the intersection. [ed: Not referred to by Haas.]

They are in a gaggle of other stars. That's Stephenson 1, aka OCL 137, an open cluster. Neat.

Ah. So δ2 itself is a triple. The AB pair are 88" apart. The BC pair is tighter at 2.2". Worthy of binos and telescopes. [ed: And δ1 is a double (previously viewed).]

11:33. Feeling a slight headache. Allergies flaring. Damn.

We saw a bright ISS flyover. Passed very near Sadr. I watched it go into the tree line.

Mon 2 Jun 2014, 12:35 AM. It was very windy. Shame. It looked like a nice sky otherwise. Damnit.

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