Saturday, June 21, 2014

remembering Johnny Chase

I joined Risa at the picnic table under the pergola. She was cross-stitching stars; I started another tear-down of the Vixen Super Polaris.

She had the radio on, the little built-in radio of her Celestron power tank. Weird. A weird option, I think, on an astronomy power source. And weird. Weird that it was the second time in three days that I had heard someone using the built-in radio on their Celestron power tank. I guess others like it.

She was tuned to CBC. And there was some radio play on. The theatrical tone. The sound effects. The whole style... And suddenly... I went back in time. St Marys. Grade 9. The summer of 1978. In my bedroom. Listening to the radio. Tuning in for:

Johnny Chase - Secret Agent of Space!

Holy. I could almost hear the intro. I searched Google. Look at that. Found the wikipedia entry! Right, the smart but sarcastic computer Dante. I forgot the music had been done by FM. What a riot.

I think I have audio recordings of some of the episodes...


Found a neat article on the blog.

That image is so familiar...

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