Thursday, June 19, 2014

introduced to Glen Major Forest

Chris V had rallied the troops. After a couple of rainy days, he said that it was looking very good for Thursday night. Peter had asked me if I wanted to join them. I was interested in seeing this new location...

Met Peter at his house. A little early myself, he gave me a quick tour. We talked about telescopes, parks, city lights, heavy JMI cases, the loaner orange-tube C8, etc. Transferred my gear to his vehicle. Then he showed me the way to Glen Major Forest.

It was slow on the 401 until Avenue Rd. Construction. Took Westney Rd N all the way from the highway. Had to do the little jog left (west) along Concession Rd 8. I wondered if Brock Rd then Uxbridge Pickering Townline might be quicker. Except it looks like you have to double back from the 401? It took about an hour and a half from Peter's home.

We found a few members already set up in the parking lot, including Mike, Charline N, Alan, and Stu. All kinds of gear, from tripod-mounted binoculars to a home-built 20" Dobsonian. We set up in the back section of the parking lot as the fireflies silently arced.

No stray lights. No trouble when the cars went by. Pretty good sight lines. Distant light domes low...

Earlier, around 6:00 PM, I had looked up the sky and weather conditions. Used the Environment Canada web page for Oshawa. It had been sunny, 21.2°C, with air pressure of 102.0 kPa, humidity 37%, winds at 17 km/h from the south. The dewpoint prediction was 6.2°C. I checked the forecast. Clear, 11°C. Friday was supposed to be mainly sunny and 22°C. The detailed forecast from the Oshawa airport, issued: at 3:30 PM, said: Tonight, 19 June - Clear. Wind northeast 20 km/h becoming light early this evening. Low 11. Then, Friday, 20 June - Mainly sunny. High 22 except 18 near Lake Ontario. UV index 9 or very high. Close to the solstice... sunrise: 5:33; sunset: 21:01.

Grabbed the Clear Sky Chart from Goodwood a little after 7:00 PM.

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