Wednesday, February 13, 2013

tested magnifier software

Tried Magnifying Glass Free 1.1 tonight, the freeware app, in conjunction with the Canon EOS Utility. It works a treat. Refined the image capture work flow as well.

As per usual, learned a few things. Like, don't forget to maximise the EOS Zoom View window. Hello! It offers a window that nearly fills the computer display. Then at 200% it makes a difference. I think I've been running it in a "medium" sized window, overlapping with the Remote Live View and so to see the camera control panel. Not necessary when focusing. Go big.

Then, with MGF running at the bottom right of the screen, I was able to watch the simulated star, expanded another 8 times, in the "glass" window. Very cool.

Remembered, suddenly, that the lens could be focused with keyboard shortcuts. But had to go look them up.

up amount down
i gross o
k medium l
, (comma) fine . (period)

And then, it was all good. Pointed to the "star," watched it in the "glass," and focused the camera by remote keyboard commands. Sweet.

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