Wednesday, February 20, 2013

found Mosquito

Stumbled across a stale note in my Psion agenda: "Find new Mosquito power supply." I rolled it forward...

I had, on a whim, bought a new AC adapter from Active Surplus. So to replace the dead unit. It was the exact same make and model as the old one. SPC57-122000. 12 VDC out. Centre-pin positive. 2 amperes! A class 2 transformer (whatever that means).

I hadn't seen it for a while. And suddenly I remembered where I had stowed it. The carry bag for the old booster battery pack! I had put it in this case for transport, upon packing up and leaving the OSC, after my "power" presentation at the August 2012 RASC meeting.

There it was. In the case. All right!

Now, this time, I'm going to rig it up differently...
  • Rather than directly (permanently) affix a female CLA socket, I'll use an intermediate connector. That is, a female CLA socket to a jack. And then the Mosquito will plug into the jack. That way, I'll be able to use the Mosquito for other stuff, as needed.
  • I'll make sure the CLA is fused this time. If I put more than 2 amps through the circuit, I'll let the fuse sacrifice itself. Hopefully, I'll get more life out of the power supply.
OK. This will come in handy. It is overkill to drive the Vixen mount off the PC power supply.

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