Tuesday, February 12, 2013

checked the X

Had a note for Lunar X in my calendar for Feb. With a question mark, mind you. Thought I'd double-check it. Looked at Phil's email from 3 Nov 2012. Ruminated on that for a bit. Then I fired up my Excel spreadsheet, the latest version (5.00) of the initial design. It showed a number of "possibles" through the year with a good opportunity in December 2013. And, at the same time, did not predict the January 19 event. I dug into it a bit. Added the Moon elevation figures, using Stellarium, while I was at it. And found a wee bug in the January row, an issue with peaks happening on or 2 hours after midnight.

I hand-corrected it. And sent Phil a snapshot for his consideration. Bloody Moon.


Phil concurs. Looks like our 2nd best opportunity this year is in December. And we might get a shot in April...

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