Saturday, October 08, 2011

flew 12" at DDO (Richmond Hill)

Rajesh said I could operate the 12" Dob at the DDO. Awesome. I didn't want to take a 'scope. Certainly not a big one. Used the low power eyepiece for much of the evening. Was that the 2" 56mm from the CAO? It looked familiar...

We looked at the Moon, Jupiter, Albireo, and the Tim Horton star.

I took the baby Newtonian up, for giggles, the Celestron FirstScope 76mm. Ha! 12 inches vs. 3. It showed a good view of the Moon, all things considered. It was perfect for the Pleiades. Looks like this one is not a lemon. Shawn had fun with it too.


I received about a half dozen mosquito bites early in the evening. It was unbelievable. I thought they had all flown south for the winter!

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