Saturday, October 22, 2011

built CAO presentation

The plan was to deliver a presentation about the CAO to the North Simcoe crowd. Tell them about the facility, some of the history, and where we were going.

At the recent public open house meeting Tony had given me his presentation. He had delivered it at the Open House and Awards Picnic two years back. We agreed it could use some freshening, with up-to-date MODL information.

It was high on my mind to spend the afternoon working on this. Far too late to my way of thinking but I had simply not had a chance earlier. I considered using Tony's presentation as a starting point but really wanted to build a new file, with a fresh look, and a good style. I was concerned however that that might require too much time. If worst came to worst, I'd just use his unmodified.

So, I began slogging away at it. I opened Tony's file and reviewed it. I remembered it. Lots of good content. Great photos. But 83 slides. !Ay carumba! A little long. And, very strange layout. So, in PowerPoint 2010, I selected a brand new design style and spent a few hours morphing content. I ditched about 2/3rds of the slides and photos. Added the early site drawings. And updated the MODL stuff. All while keeping one eye on the clock.

When someone called for me. We had a guest looking for Blake, at around 4:30 PM! What the hell? Someone had come really early! Turned out it was Peter. He was in the area and just wanted to drive up in the daylight. So I gave him a quick tour and then suggestions for restaurants in Thornbury. Sheesh. He scared me...

I returned to the presentation, put the finishing touches on it, and then set up the laptop in the Great Room. Earlier, Niels had set up the chairs for me, and assisted me in getting the BenQ projector mounted.

It was time for a quick dinner!

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