Saturday, April 01, 2023

tried new Stellarium features

I wanted check out some of the changes in Stellarium, the latest version.

Went to download it to the Linux laptop but found it already present. Oh! 23.1 showed on the splash screen.

Part of the Ubuntu "snap" system, the auto-updating packing system, I guess. Already loaded. Good.

I went through the entire release document and specifically observed differences and changes and tried a few things.

The ecliptic line now shows dates, by default. Ugh, why? I'm not sure why this is necessary. I found it distracting. But, no worries, it can easily be suppressed. Just pop into Sky and viewing options window (F4 or Fn F4) and click the Markings tab. The Ecliptic (of date) option has a new Solar Dates checkbox.

The Sun appears to always shows a corona. I suppose that's technically correct...

I noted limb darkening on the Sun's image, when zoomed in sufficiently.

The font control in annotated landscapes is a welcome improvement.

The Bookmarks window is different, flattened, with no secondary screen now. That will reduce clicks a bit, I think. But otherwise, everything appears the same. I still wish for other changes here but... it works.

Finally, I was curious about an added feature, "GUI [interface option for] manually entering FOV (GH: #3093, #3013)." I wondered where that was. After some digging, I found it in the Sky and viewing options window, the Sky tab, in the Projection section. Nice! This'll be handy for zoom levels not provided by the "stepped" keyboard shortcuts.

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